e2 story

My story begins with your success. But first, let’s wind the clock back …


Empowering others to achieve great things through Experimentation has always been exciting for me.


For the past 20 years, I have learned from and led successful, complex, high-value engagements for some of the world's most dynamic companies, such as Amazon Web Services, Oracle and IBM. Building on my philosophy of life-long learning, I love trying new things and have also created and run businesses of my own.


The more I became involved with entrepreneurs, business owners and key leaders, the more I realised that there were patterns to their success (or failure). A clear, long-term vision was critical.


Whether it was volunteering as IBM's coordinating mentor for the Young Achievement program, developing Youth IT Careers - an employment program for disadvantaged Australians, or running an overseas boarding school for a year, I've always loved helping people and sharing what I have learned.


Over time, I realised my business knowledge and teaching skills knowledge were of great value to others.


In a world full of the complex, e2 was created to help simplify. It connects my ability to empower with my insatiable desire to help people experiment and become their best.